ProtonVPN Android- Smart Protocol Features

ProtonVPN, a Swizz based Proton Technology AG which is a strongly encrypted email service company, Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. ProtonVPN security provides the tight privacy of their host country.

"ProtonVPN has tremendous security and privacy features. One who wants a secured network for their digital lives or a government spy can satisfy with ProtonVPN security. Provide Strong encryption and yes, of course with, Swizz Legal Protection."

There are many VPN Service providers available but ProtonVPN is the first VPN who provides an Open-Source and Audited feature with them. Respecting their user's privacy, ProtonVPN provides a strong encrypted network so that no one trace your location or IP address. This is the main reason why we use a virtual private network.

Silent Features: ProtonVPN

Strong Encryption

No Logs Policy

Forward Secrecy

DNS Leak Prevention

Strong Protocols

Kill Switch & Always-on

Swiss Based

Tor over VPN



Physical Security

High Speed

Easy To Use

Secure Streaming

ProtonVPN to your network will provide you an encrypted tunnel, so that router will work over it. With their advanced security protection ProtonVPN Reviews, no hacker will trace your connection. You can get access authority for some blocked sites that you might be restricted to the usual browser.

Is ProtonVPN Safe or Secure? 

Let us know about ProtonVPN Security Features :

1. Strong Encryption: 

ProtonVPN, to secure our connection uses the highest strength encryption, which that they use AES-256 for encryption with your network traffic while 4096-bit RSA for key exchange.

2. Forward Secrecy:

This feature prevents your encrypted traffic that can not be conquered and crack during the subsequent session of an encryption key. Every session has the unique encryption key which is one the advantage of having ProtonVPN.

3. Strong Protocols:

The biggest truth about ProtonVPN Security that does not have any server who will gonna support L2TP/IPSec and PPTP. Therefore your encrypted tunnel is completely secure with the strong protocol.

4. Swizz Based and Trusted VPN:

ProtonVPN Security Features

ProtonVPN is one of the best Trustworthy VPN service providers. With the swizz based advanced legal protection and complete transparency among the services access. Provide Open- source community with long term track records. Switzerland, the country that legalizes the right to privacy will certify ProtonVPN security.

5. No-log  Policy with DNS Leak Protection:

Respecting user's privacy and under the swizz law, the ProtonVPN Security measure will not save any browsing history or allow any targeted logging. Hence, provide a secured private network. Along with browsing history, it also protects us from DNS queries. Therefore, with a strong encrypted network, our browsing history will not expose to third party DNS providers.

6. High Speed & Easy To Use:

ProtonVPN provides the highest speed along with the strong encrypted network. Also, some of their users utilize 10 Mbps networking speed and it is easy to use application with a single click.

7. Secure Streaming:

ProtonVPN Security will open up great treasures for those who are torrent streamers or love to watch series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, and so on. These apps are restricted in some geo-locations but no worries with ProtonVPN, it provides a secure private network to access these apps at a very reliable cost with great speed.

More Addition ProtonVPN Features Are

P2P Support

Unlimited Bandwidth

Up to 10 Devices

ProtonVPN Screenshot

Professional Support

Connection Profiles

Quick Connect

ProtonVPN Screenshot

Modern Interface

ProtonVPN Security: Price Plans

These are the Plans Offered by ProtonVPN Free, Basic, Plus, and Visionary. The first plan is a free plan, which gives three-country access with one support device at medium speed but it does not compromise with security. Your network is still secured the ProtonVPN security law. Second, ProtonVPN Basic Plan which gives access through all over the countries and supports two devices with high speed. In this subscription, you have the advantage to share files through P2P service. 

In the on VPN Plus plane you have benefit along with the basic plan feature, can support five devices simultaneously. Also get Secure Core, Tor Servers, nd Secure Streaming. Rest in Visionary plan the great advantage is that you get ProtonMail Visionary in it.

ProtonVPN Security is best over the other VPN services providers. With their great satisfying feature, one should definitely get this ProtonVPN Service. But, yes like every other network this to has some flaws or you can say "cons". As it works only in limited countries and their speed sometimes fluctuates. The Support is available 24/7 but still works very slow. Overall ProtonVPN is a decent network that one can get experience.


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