ProtonVPN Review Plans: Basic or Plus Plan?

ProtonVPN, based on Swizz company Proton Technology AG with the world’s strongest privacy law. ProtonVPN is being the first VPN service provider that shows Open-Source Code. Full Transparency so that you are able to know who is running the service, even the best VPN service providers have a limitation in it. On the upcoming VPN black Friday sale, you can get this extraordinary VPN with massive money savings. 

ProtonVPN does respect their user’s privacy, therefore never use an insecure protocol or encryption level. They have benefited from the security experience which they gained from the world’s largest secure email service.

Talking about the features, ProtonVPN Reviews holds them in the list of top VPN service providers. They provide unlimited bandwidth, free data, a no-log policy, internet freedom, and so on. Every VPN service provider has almost the same price structure only differs in some services. But ProtonVPN Security has its own generous feature as they give a 20 percent discount over their monthly or annual subscriptions.

There are Four Plans which ProtonVPN provides to their users for you can also use ProtonVPN Gift Codes. Free, Basic, Plus, and Visionary Plan. Each plan has its own features but ProtonVPN is also the cheapest VPN that provides great benefits in their free subscription plan with three countries access and one supported device which is a huge offer that any VPN providers give.

Which Plan Is Good: Proton Basic Or Plus?

ProtonVPN Pricing Plans

As the above-mentioned image shows the difference between both plans. ProtonVPN offers its Basic plan with limited features while its plus plan has great features.

ProtonVPN Basic Plan:

ProtonVPN's basic plan has the authority to access all the countries without any restrictions. At the Cost of 4€ /month, the plan offers two device compatibility with the highest speed. It also allows us to share the P2P file-sharing feature. Their annual subscription is at 48€, with a discount you save 12€. try out these plans using protonvpn black friday cyber monday deals.  

This plan is good for those who only want a secure VPN for their network. But this plan will not satisfy you in streaming Netflix or any other app. Despite these limited features ProtonVPN's basic plan can secure data or provide a highly encrypted network with no log privacy.

ProtonVPN Plus Plan:

This plan comes with generous features. ProtonVPN gives all the ultimate advanced features in this plan. One with this plan can be able to access any location with up to 5 supportive devices which is an ultimate plus point. Along with the highest speed and P2P sharing service, there is also the availability of plus servers. ProtonVPN Plus subscribers can also access Tor Servers, which is a rare feature that any VPN provides so it is nice to have it.

The most beneficial part of this subscription is you can access secure streaming. Yes, you can access US-based Netflix, amazon prime, Disney+, Hulu, and so on other apps. Providing a secure core network, though no one can be able to see your IP address because ProtonVPN Services passes user traffic through their Secure Core in privacy-friendly countries like Switzerland and Iceland.

So here you can choose on your own, which plan suits you better ProtonVPN Basic or Plus. The basic plan offers you a monthly subscription at just 4 € while the plus plan at 8 € per month. Also, their annual subscription has some discounts such as in the basic plan they offer 48 € and save 12 € whether the plus plan offers 96 € and save 24 €. Both have the same speed limits but yes plus plan has some more added benefits. You can also check some other VPN providers for paid subscriptions at the same cost with the same services.


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